Bridal Shower Invitations

A Girl’s Guide to Planning an Unforgettable Bridal Shower

Most women will play party planner at some point in their lives, especially when a close friend or relative is getting married. There are two events that may become your responsibility: a bachelorette party and a bridal shower. Some brides may opt for one of these events over the other, or combine the two events. A bachelorette party is actually completely different from a bridal shower and probably started out in response to the wild last night that the groom’s friends arrange for their buddy. Many brides decided that they too needed a final night of singlehood, so the bachelorette party was born. These parties are usually two weeks before the wedding, while the family-friendly shower is held earlier. While bride’s mother traditionally hosts the shower, you may find yourself planning a bridal shower for a friend. Relax, as long as you plan ahead, it’s pretty easy to plan an unforgettable day!

Start by choosing an assistant or two, who are close to the bride. The details of the shower are supposed to be a surprise for the bride, so you’ll need someone to bounce ideas off. Then, pick a date that works for the most significant guests. Start preparations at least 1 month early, so this happy occasion doesn’t become a source of stress. Bridal showers are supposed to be fun, for the bride and for all involved, including you.

 The next order of business is to decide on the budget, venue and guest list. The budget will probably be shared among the bride’s family and close friends, either in cash or kind. Based on this, choose the venue and guest list. It’s usually more personal to have a shower in someone’s house, but it’s up to you. With date, venue, budget and guest list out of the way, you can now proceed to the fun stuff.

Themes make decisions much easier by narrowing down the choices for everything, including invitations, food, drinks, décor, party favors and party activities. You’ll also have a great deal of fun thinking of inventive ways to work the theme into different parts of the day. Choose a theme that means something to the bride, for example,  a yoga theme for a yoga lover. Also fun are period-themes, for example, a Mad Men, 1960s theme, destination-based themes to go with the wedding or honeymoon destination, or an interest-based theme, like Movie-Magic or New Age. A gift theme makes gift-buying easier, and it can be the same as the party theme, or more practical like Kitchen, Bedroom or Garden. There are many ideas online about different food, games and party bags that go with each theme, but use your imagination.

With the theme out of the way, your next task of choosing suitable bridal shower invitations should be easier. Either DIY the cards or get a printer to design and print your bridal shower invitations. The card should reflect your theme and should include special instructions, such as dress-code or packing a swimsuit. A separate teaser card for the bride is also a fun idea, with details kept out to build suspense. Mail or deliver your bridal shower invitations about two weeks before the day.

With all the preparations ready, get ready to enjoy the day. No matter how hard you plan, some little things might go wrong, but relax. Your friend is going to be happy to see all the effort you and your friends have gone through for her.